Almost three-quarters of RTOERO members are active volunteers.

Our district is completely volunteer-led. Our dynamic volunteer team works together to offer a wide range of programs and services to our members.

Contact our president to learn more about volunteering with our district.

District 11 Waterloo Region volunteers jobs

Aphasia and Communication Disabilities Program, March of Dimes Canada – Communication Facilitator

As an ACDP Communication Facilitator you will provide support to adults with aphasia and other communication disabilities in one of four program locations (Newmarket, Vaughan, […]

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Food Bank Volunteer

To welcome and intake The Hope Centre registered clients and provide quality packaged and fresh products to clients. To assist with intake of donations, stock […]

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Volunteer Braille Transcriber

Become a Braille Volunteer! Only 5% of published information is available in formats like braille.  Sighted volunteers can help change that! Learn to transcribe print […]

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District 11 Waterloo Region Executive

Name Role Email
Wendy Brum President
Theresa Hamilton First Vice-President
Wayne Buchholtz Second Vice-President
Simone-Marie Beaucage Secretary
Doug Nosal Treasurer
Theresa Hamilton Member Services Coordinator
Catherine Streeter Goodwill Rep
Sylvia Ranson Newsletter Editor
Doug Nosal Health Benefits Representative
Sylvia Ranson PAC Rep
Marian Ryan Web Master
Simone Beaucage Web Master
Wendy Brum Corporate Member 1
Theresa Hamilton Corporate Member 2
Doug Nosal Alternate 1
Cathy Dowsling Alternate 2
Catherine Dowsling Community Grant Rep
Cathie Streeter Community Grant Rep
Joyce Palubiski Community Grant Rep
Margaret Coleman Governance
Wendy Brum Social Media Rep
Margaret Coleman Social Media Rep
Laura Dicknoether Social Media Rep
Theresa Hamilton RPW Organizer